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Here are our most commonly asked questions and answers

Q: "Do you do small jobs?"
A: Yes, everyones needs are different, we cater for elderly or immobile people with small gardens up to large landowners with meadows and orchards. Contact us for a free quote and you might be surprised.

Q: "Do you take the clippings away?"
A: Yes, we do take the clippings away unless agreed otherwise, we charge a minimum amount to dispose of the clippings but if you prefer we can deposit them in your compost heap and take the cost off your total price. We can also offer a mulching option.

Q: "What is mulching?"
A: Our Professional mowers allow a mulching option where the mower keeps cutting the grass clippings into smaller pieces that are left behind on the lawn to act as a natural fertilizer.

Q: "How much will it cost me to get my grass cut?"
A: Our prices start from as little as £8 but it all depends on your garden size and if its a one off cut or regular service.

Q: "Do you do other garden work?"
A: Yes, we do leaf collection, garden tidy ups, gutter clearing, patio cleaning and general garden work. However, depending on the location and the job, we’ll occasionally put our customers in touch with specialist gardeners who we feel might be able to do the job either cheaper, better or sooner.

Q: "Do you need to use my electricity?"
A: No, our machines have petrol engines so we are fully mobile and independant.

Q: "How often do you come to cut?"
A: This depends on a number of factors. Most "average" private gardens have about 16 days between cuts, the biggest factor is the time of year that affects the grass growth rate.

Q: "Will I need to be in when you come?"
A: If we’ve never been at your site before then sometimes that can be handy, so that you can show us around the job. However, if we’ve already had a look and agreed a price with you beforehand, then we’ll just roll up and get on with the work.

Q: "Where do you operate?"
A: We are based in St Blazey but offer our service all around the St Austell and surrounding areas. We can service anywhere in Cornwall but we will have to factor in our travel cost for further away locations.

Call for a FREE quote today on 01726 815651 mobile 07786622925 email: info@mowameadow.co.uk

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